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Legal Warning

Legal Warning

Using this webpage and the services included means the absolute acceptance of every of the general terms and conditions included in this legal warning.

We detail below the general terms and conditions to use this webpage and we recommend you to read them and follow them carefully, as surfing this webpage makes you a user of it . The use of this webpage in any other terms or conditions than the ones written in this legal warning is strictly forbidden.

The holder of this webpage is The Private Limited Company Área de Servicio La Nava, located in Kilometre 97, Bailén-Motril Road (A-44) with  e-mail  address  and CIF (Company Tax Code) B18309245. From now on La Nava Hotel:

By means of the acceptance of the following conditions the user is committed to use this webpage and the services included in the way established. The user is bound to use this webpage in the terms and conditions shown and not to use it for any unlawful,  or  which could harm the rights or interests of third parties,  or prevent the correct functioning of this webpage and the services used now and  the ones that will be used in the future.

The information in this webpage is the one in force when last updated. La Nava Hotel keeps its right to update, modify or eliminate the information in this webpage, being able to limit or avoid the access to it.

The design, image, photographs, maps, charts, software, and the different source or object codes and other elements in this webpage, are owned by the company, which has the sole and legitimate right to exploit them. Therefore,  the user accessing the webpage cannot copy them, modify them, distribute them, transmit them, reproduce them, publish them, give a licence for them, give them, sell them  or transmit them,  in any possible way and under no circumstances, or create new products or services derived from the information or elements  contained in this webpage.

La Nava Hotel warns the webpage users that the hotel observes the current terms and conditions regarding the protection of personal details in accordance with the Constitutional Law 15/99, on December 13th, included in The Law about the Protection of Personal Details, as its also observes  its rules of development,  taking any necessary  technology or organization measures so as to avoid the loss, illegal use, change, non authorized access,  or the theft of the personal details provided, where appropriate, by this webpage, taking into account  the technology state, the nature of the details and the risks to which they are exposed. In the assumption that making use of the services provided by La Nava Hotel  in his webpage, the users should fill in any personal details, La Nava Hotel, taking into account the current norms, will inform the users about their rights and it will ask them for their  clear and unmistakable consent for the  processing of their personal details.

About the general contract conditions, we are responsible for any information, contents, products or services directly originated by ourselves and included in this webpage, so we commit ourselves to offer them with the closest quality and service. 

With regard to the booking confirmation, modification or cancellation, La Nava Hotel will stipulate the conditions. La Nava Hotel asks its customers a 25% of the total amount as a deposit to make the booking. Therefore, customers commit themselves to confirm the booking as soon as possible.

Cancellations. The user may cancel the booking at any time and the user will be given back  a refund. However,  the user must compensate the hotel for the cancellation in the following terms: with  a 5% of the deposit when the cancellation takes place before the 30 previous days, with a 40% of the deposit when it takes place within the 16 or 30 previous days,  with a 60% of the deposit when it takes place within the 7 or 15 previous days, and with the 100% of the deposit  when it takes place 7 or less than the  7 previous days.

The billing of the services starts when the customer arrives at the hotel and the customer will be charged the services according to the hotel prices. Users may check the deposit to be given in special seasons.

Except for instructions in a different sense of the ones established in the booking conditions, customers will have to pay  the bill in cash at the arrival at the hotel. Every bill will specify the services included within the dates included  in that particular bill.

The different parties, renouncing their own privileges, if possible, submit to the Court in Granada, and the law applied will be the Spanish.